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How to handle & Win @ Office Politics

“In weak companies politics win. In strong companies your ideas do” - Steve Jobs

The office is a modern jungle, there is no need to be afraid of “office politics”. Top performers are those who have mastered the art of winning in office politics.

In Oxford politics is defined as been sensible and wise in the circumstances, how to manage people and situation in an organisation is known as office politics. We in our career path are challenged and faced by situation or circumstance which unknowingly make us part of the corporate politics like backstabbing, hiding information, not sharing our knowledge, spreading malicious rumours. Organizations have limited resources. This can lead to teams competing to satisfy their own needs and goals, even when this may go against the "greater good."

All workplaces are political to some extent, simply because people bring their personal emotions, needs, ambitions, and insecurities into their professional lives. Some people will always have more power than others, either through hierarchy or some other source.

The key to making politics work in our favour or manage politics in an organisation is an art. One needs to recognize and understand political behaviour and build a strong and supportive network. As it may change over time, as people come and go in an organization, but, chances are, it will never disappear entirely.

Some points which help you to fight office politics are:

1) Map the political power and influence in an organisation, one need to answer following question Who are the real influencers? Who is respected?

2) Be friendly with everyone and try to connect people with other department and function as you never know how they might help or support you.

3) One should develop a good interpersonal relationship as politics is all about people and how to handle them. Emotional intelligence will help in understanding what kind of approaches they like or dislikes.

4) When you communicate your achievements to your connections, they might open up opportunities for you to shine. Avoid bad-mouthing any person or you will end up more enemies than friends.

5) Be accountable for your action as this demonstrate honesty and integrity, which will help to gain people confident.

6) Avoid people who practice bad politics, be courteous to them but always on your guard.

7) The reason people feel unjustified is that they felt misunderstood. Once the other party feels that you understand where he/she is coming from, they will feel less defensive and be open to understanding you in return.

8) It is possible to find yourself stuck in between two power figures who are at odds with each other. In cases like this, focus on the business objectives and don’t take side with either of them – even if you like one better than the other. Place them on a common communication platform and ensure open communications among all parties, so that no one can claim “I didn’t say that”.


Office Politics is inevitable virtue in professional life. Human ambitions, Aspirations, Need, Greed are inherent in almost every human being at various levels.

The organisation is all about people management. So office politics to come along with the package of many other good things.

If office politics is managed smartly as explained above, then one can easily and quickly reach up at organization hierarchy.

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